“I chose the 5 star rating because the book was well written and was very hard to put down. This book will definitely keep you on your toes until the very end.” – Amazon Review 

Dead Girl Hiding

They say when the Devil comes knocking on your door, he’ll come dressed as everything you ever wanted … and he did.

“This is truly a thriller that will have you playing the who done it game until the end! ” – Amazon Review 

See No Evil

A blind woman.

An isolated cabin.

A serial killer.

“This book had a great storyline that grabs your interest. It’s a storyline that pulls you in and keeps you hooked. Very well written and developed. Looking forward to more by this author. I recommend reading.” – Dead Girl Hiding Amazon Review 


January 2025

A five book series follows a team of FBI agents as they track a serial killer known as the Night Slasher across state lines.

Sherry A. Phillips

Author. Mother. Animal Lover.