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Why I Diffuse Young Living Abundance Every Day

Why I diffuse Young Living Abundance Every Day and Why You Should Too | Abundance | Abundance for Writers | How To Live An Abundant Life | Finding Your Abundance | Law of Attraction Essential Oil | Best Oil for Prosperity | Attracting Your Dream Life | The Secret | Abundance Essential Oil


What does that mean to you? Wealth? Prosperity? Health? All of the above?

The frequencies in Abundance are all about attracting prosperity into your life.

I love the smell of this oil! I diffuse it. I put it on myself. I breathe it in as often as possible. I’ve written before about the Law of Attraction. I believe there are a lot of universal laws out there. The Law of Attraction is just one of many.

To sum it up, we tend to attract what we concentrate on, good or bad.

I use Abundance essential oil while I write my books, but I also use it as I say my prayers, write in my prayer journal and say my affirmations as I look at my vision board.

So what is Abundance essential oil and why should you be using it every day?

Abundance essential oil will help restore harmonic frequency. Each oil in this blend has historically been associated with prosperity and/or wealth. Think of it as a super-charged oil for attracting those things into your life.

Let’s take a look at the eight individual oils that make up Abundance:

Myrrh Essential Oil

  1. Associated with royalty
  2. One of the two essential oils given to Jesus at his birth
  3. Inhale Myrrh to open your mind to receive blessings and gifts

Frankincense Essential Oil

  1. Historically valued more than gold
  2. Given to baby Jesus at his birth
  3. Used in religious ceremonies
  4. Embodies Spiritual Abundance
  5. Helps uplift mood, promotes feelings of relaxation and aids in meditation.

Patchouli Essential Oil

  1. Represented money in ancient times
  2. Those who possessed Patchouli were considered wealthy
  3. Helps improve clarity by reestablishing mental and emotional balance.

Orange Essential Oil

  1. Rich in powerful antioxidants
  2. Uplifting scent
  3. Bright and vibrant
  4. Brings about joy, harmony and unity

Clove Essential Oil

  1. Associated with Abundance
  2. Only wealthy people had Clove
  3. Supports overall wellness

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

  1. Dates back to Ancient Egypt
  2. Supports healthy immune response
  3. Promotes feelings of joy

Ginger Essential Oil

  1. Highly prized spice in ancient times
  2. Amplifies frequency for activating Law of Attraction
  3. Perks you up immediately
  4. Promotes courage and can give you a sprint of new energy

Spruce Essential Oil

  1. Physically grounding and relaxing
  2. Helps you to release blocks to abundance, thus raising your frequency to receive prosperity

How to Apply

Place 1 – 2 drops of Abundance in the center of your palm. With your other hand, slowly circle the oil three times. With the intention of attracting abundance, cup your hands over your nose and mouth and deeply inhale.

Do this as you say your affirmations at the beginning of each day.

As I stated above, I also like to diffuse Abundance as I write.

Visualize Abundance going into every cell and aligning with the vibrations of prosperity and wealth. Feel the positive energy throughout your entire body.

You may also want to use the essential oil blends of Release and Forgiveness prior to using Abundance essential oil. These oil blends are also from Young Living and can be helpful in removing any blockages you may have toward living your life of abundance.

I highly recommend using this essential oil daily.

CLICK HERE for more information about essential oils and how they can help you live a happy, healthy and more abundant life.

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