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When Do YOU Take Down Christmas Decorations?


It’s that time of year again. It’s the period right after Christmas when the presents are no longer under the tree and people are winding down from their Christmas holiday celebrations.

I have seen several of my Facebook friends ask, “When do you take down your Christmas decorations?”


I have to tell you, I was shocked on Christmas day to see one of my Facebook friends celebrating Christmas morning with her family around a beautifully decorated home and that evening, she proudly showed off a perfectly clean house devoid of any and all signs that Christmas had ever taken place. This was on Christmas Day!


So, I started looking around and found out that many people take their decorations down the day after Christmas. One friend from Miami said they always left their decorations up until after New Year’s, but now that her family lives in Georgia, she was shocked that practically everyone she knew took their decorations down the day after Christmas.

Some of my fellow Christians leave their decorations up until January 5th (because of the 12 Days of Christmas).
Others, like me, take down our decorations on New Year’s Eve.


My mother started this tradition from way back when I was very young. Back then we had a real tree and had to water it every morning and every night. Even with the constant watering, we still lost so many needles, I was concerned there would be none left on the tree by the time we took it down.

After all of the decorations were put away, we do a deep cleaning of our home because she would always say, “I want to start the New Year clean and fresh.” I have continued that tradition with my own family.


I thought I would post some of the taking down of the decorations traditions and their reasons for doing so today as we approach a New Year:

1. December 31: Take your tree down on New Year’s Eve before the bells toll at midnight. The reason for this tradition is similar to my mother’s entering the New Year “clean and fresh.” The superstitious reason states it’s because you’ll drag all your baggage and bad luck from last year into the new year.

2. January 5: The day before Epiphany. Take your tree down on the 5th of January, because traditionally it is considered the Twelfth Day of Christmas – i.e. the last of twelve days of Christmas merriment. This would close out the Holiday season.

3. January 6:
Take it down on January 6 in observance of the Epiphany. Since Christmas is a Christian celebration, this Christian holiday marks the revelation of God in human form, in the person of Jesus. Some believe if you leave your decorations up past the 5th or 6th will be bring you bad luck, but I trust in God, not luck, so that sort of thing doesn’t bother me.

I love to hear about other families and their traditions, so When do you take down your Christmas decorations and why?

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