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What Is Your Purpose?


There have been books written about finding your purpose. There was a hugely successful book called, “The Purpose Driven Life.”

Having a sense of purpose is finding a compelling reason for your existence. It will provide you with the motivation necessary to make your goals a reality. There is a huge difference between having a dream and having enough reasons to create plans to make that dream into a realizable goal. One that will push you through the obstacles that will pop up on your road from where you are, to where you want to be.

There are numerous ways to achieve the results you desire. However, if you don’t know why you are going after those results, you will quit. You will think it takes too much effort to overcome your obstacles. When your first attempt fails, you will not have the necessary drive to keep going forward.

That is why knowing your purpose is so important.

Tony Robbins said, “Your purpose gives you the emotional reasons why you want to follow through and do whatever it takes to create the outcome you desire. Whereas an outcome (or result) produces focus, a purpose gives you drive. For example, it’s one thing to say, “I want to become a millionaire.” It’s another thing to say, “I want to become a millionaire because I will be able to help my children; make a difference in the world; develop the pride of knowing that I’ve overcome so many challenges; contribute to the homeless; and create many magical, fun moments for myself and those I love!”

If you completely know the reasons why you are doing something, you will create the motivation and emotional inspiration to keep going, even when others would have given up. It is the fuel that will propel you through the tough times and help you achieve the momentum to create your desired results.

To find your purpose, you should ask yourself the following questions:

1) Why do I want to do this?
2) What is my real purpose?
3) What will this give me?
4) How will it make me feel?

Your purpose is the reason that you will follow through to reach your desired goal. Figure out what it is, and you will be unstoppable!

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