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Water Moccasin! (aka Cottonmouth)

As the boys and I were running this morning, we saw some really cute turtles sunning themselves on floating logs. Then I noticed a water moccasin also sunning on an adjacent one! Yikes! Fortunately, we were on a bridge, so no worries about being bitten.

Good things to know about water moccasins in case you ever run into one while out walking, running or playing outside this summer:

1. There is only one poisonous water snake in North American and the Cottonmouth Water Moccasin is it.

2. Not only is this an aggressive snake, it’s been known to approach an intruder!

3. The usually lie dormant on a rock, log or nearby water’s edge while waiting for unsuspecting prey.

4. Characteristics are a brown, olive or blackish dark body with lighter belly, and body crossbands which have a distinct border extending all the way around and across the yellowish stomach.

5. The Cottonmouth is a dangerous predator and can inflict a brutally damaging hemotoxic bite.

In other words, if you see one, steer clear!

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