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Which Water is Best For Consumption?


I’m sure you already know that water is life and that you should be drinking it several times a day every day. However, there is so much information out there regarding reverse osmosis, distilled, purified and spring water, how is the average person to know which is the best for your family?

There was an article recently in Natural News which investigated and came to a conclusion. From Natural News:

Vitalis classifies reverse osmosis and distilled water as the “white flour” of water. Nevertheless, removing pharmaceutical and industrial waste, heavy metals, chemicals, fluoride, radioactive particles and chlorine from drinking water is exceptionally important. How do we strike a balance?

Dr. Cousens suggests a distillation process to remove toxins, and then restructuring the water with trace elements through small amounts of unprocessed salt. Both Wolf and Vitalis advise finding wild water that is free of pollutants – that is, an aquifer-fed spring. If you like the idea of spring water from the source, have a look at

If a natural spring is unavailable in your area, or simply too much of a hassle, the next best thing is to recreate it with a living water system. Specialized copper pipes contain a spiral interior which mimics the movement of springs and rivers, thereby restructuring the water into clusters. Proponents believe that this clustering makes the water more bioavailable. The system also increases the level of dissolved oxygen and reduces a variety of contaminants.

Lastly, there’s alkaline ionized water. Nobel laureate Dr. Henri Coanda spent six decades studying Hunza water and discovered that it had a unique viscosity and surface tension. The water also had a high, alkaline pH, exceptional active hydrogen and abundant colloidal mineral content. Based on this research, Japanese scientists endeavored to recreate Hunza water using Russian electrolysis technology – which gave birth to ionized water.

Regrettably, many, including Lawrence Wilson, M.D., feel that ionized water falls short of true spring water and should be avoided.

What I found fascinating was the argument continued in the comment secion of the article. There was some great information exchanged in those comments and worth a look.

One thing I had not heard of was steam distillation, which was mentioned in the comments. There were also recommendations for other water filtration systems.

In the end, do your own research and decide for yourself which water is best for your family.

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