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Remember years ago when the movie “The Secret” was so popular? Everyone was talking about “The Secret.”

The film made it seem like all you had to do was change your thinking and everything you ever wanted would effortlessly flow into your life.

While I do believe “The Secret” exists, I also believe you must accompany any creative visualization with hard work.

If I want a body like Elle Macpherson, I can sit around all day long, looking a photos of her, visualizing myself looking like her, concentrating that my body will be just as fit as hers. However, if I don’t stop putting junk in my body, if I don’t exercise, if I don’t do what Elle Macpherson does to keep herself in top condition, I will not get those results.

Likewise, if I sit around and visualize that I am a multi-million dollar a year success coach, but I don’t blog, I don’t learn, I don’t share, I don’t do anything but sit around looking at my vision board, then I don’t think it’s going to happen.

There is a difference between using the Law of Attraction and wishful thinking. I tend to think of the Law of Attraction in conjunction with positive thinking and my faith in God. When Jesus said, “Ask and it will be given to you,” I believe it.

But I also believe God doesn’t expect us to sit on our backsides asking for things and not doing anything to help ourselves.

I’m sure you’ve hear the anecdote of the man who was stranded on top of his house in the middle of a flood and prayed for God to save him. A man in a canoe comes by and says, “Climb in!” and the praying man says, “I’m waiting for God to save me!” Then, a bit later, a motorboat comes by and the driver says, “Get in!” and the man responds again, “I’m waiting for God to save me!” and finally, a helicopter lowers a ladder and the pilot shouts, “Climb up!” and the man shouts, “I’m waiting for God to save me!” After a few minutes, he continues to pray for God to save him, the heaves open up and God says, “I’ve sent you a canoe, a motorboat and a helicopter. What more do you want?”

Yes, God answers prayers. Yes, God will help us in our endeavors as long as they are in harmony with what He wants for our lives. But He also expects us to get up off our bottoms and do something too.

The Secret to success? Pray, ask for God’s help and guidance and get to work!

What will you do today to help you toward your goal of success?

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