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Vision Boards: Can You See Your Future?


The answer is yes!

One of my weekend projects was to put together a new vision board. I had a vision board and lost it somewhere in the move between Tennessee and Virginia two years ago. I figured it was about time I made a new one!

You may be asking yourself, “What the heck is a vision board?”

A vision board is a visual reminder of your goals. It helps you “see” what your future will become.

You may have seen John Assaraf talk about using vision boards to meet his goals. He told an amazing story of moving into his new house in California and as he was unpacking his old vision boards, he realized that one of them had the very home he was moving into. Not a house like it, but THE house he was now living in.

Many successful people use vision boards to help keep them on track as they strive to reach their goals. Oprah Winfrey even had a show about it and the Law of Attraction.

Some of the things I put on my vision board: A house I would love to own, a car I would love to own, places I want to visit, a Straight Egyptian Arabian horse, the rank I want to achieve with Young Living, other achievements I want to make.

What are some of the components to making a successful vision board?

1. Grab your tools – A poster board (I like the thicker kind that can stand on it’s own), scissors, glue, magazines and your imagination.

2. I started to use Pinterest as an online vision board, but realized I needed something more concrete to look at every day. One of the things I did this weekend, was find those things which spoke to me on my Pinterest boards and put them into a collage on PicMonkey, then print them out. I was then able to put them on my Vision Board.

3. Visit your local Books-a-Million or Barnes & Noble and take a look at the magazine section. Close your eyes and visualize what you want your life to look like. Then look for magazines that have photos which will help you see what you want.

4. Don’t overthink! – Don’t allow your mind to set limits on what you want. Don’t think, “I’ll never be able to afford to visit Necker Island.” If one of your deepest desires is to stay on Necker Island, put it on your vision board. I did!

5. Don’t be pulled into slick merchandising, but don’t settle for less than what you want either. Pay close attention to how that image makes you feel. Are you drawn to it, or does it make you want to pull away? Only put images on your vision board that make you feel drawn to like a magnet.

6. Once your vision board is created, put it someplace where you can see it.

7. Don’t get frustrated because you don’t have it yet. Detach yourself from the outcome.

8. Don’t just have it on the board itself. Take a photo of it with your cellphone so you can look at it often throughout the day. Put it as a screensaver on your laptop.

I hope you find this exercise useful. Let me know what’s on YOUR vision board!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I love vision boards – such a great idea for brainstorming ideas for where you want to go and to give you motivation to keep working toward those dreams! I’ve been meaning to do one for myself, so I enjoyed seeing this reminder to get in gear and get it done.

    1. I loved working on mine! I’m a very visual person, so it gives me a visual reminder of what I’m working toward every day!

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