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Top Ten Longevity Tips


The photo above is of Ikaria, Greece. It is considered one of the world’s “Blue Zones”. The Wikipedia definition of a Blue Zone is as follows:

A Blue Zone is a region of the world where people commonly live active lives past the age of 100 years. Scientists and demographers have classified these longevity hot-spots by having common healthy traits and life practices that result in higher-than-normal longevity.

I have been reading about Blue Zones for several years and based my following tips from things I learned:

1. Don’t rely on technology and convenience so much! Walk up and down stairs instead of using the elevator or escalator. Park you car further away from the store.

When my father had his heart attack at age 78, the doctors at Vanderbilt couldn’t get over his athletic physique. One of them asked if he was a farmer because he had “the body of someone 50 years old, not 78!” My father attributed his physical conditioning to lifting my mother’s wheelchair in and out of the car for the past 40 years.

Don’t take the easy road – move that body!

2. Eat Colorful foods! Especially the dark berries and fruits like blueberries and grapes! They are high in cancer fighting antioxidants!

3. Play like a kid! Who said you have to stop having fun when you become an adult? My entire life I wanted to learn to ride horses. I was 43 before I took my first riding lesson. Is there something you have always wanted to try or learn how to do and stopped yourself? What are you waiting for? Life’s short … play hard!

4. Go a little nutty! Grab a handful of your favorite nuts and chow down! Nuts have a ton of health benefits. Enjoy them in moderation.

5. Eat fresh organic vegetables, better yet, grow your own! Fresh Vegetables can give you a great vitamin boost and if you grow your own, you’ll get the benefits of physical activity as well!

6. Take a break! We all need one! I get mine by walking every day. Walking is a great stress reliever! It’s easy on the joints, gives my mind a break from work and gives me a chance to enjoy being outside! Which brings me to my next tip …

7. Get outside! Soak up some rays! Exposure to sunlight can brighten your mood and give you a much needed shot of Vitamin D! Just be careful of getting too much, we don’t want too much exposure which can lead to skin cancer.

8. Pray – Having a relationship with God and knowing you are not alone can greatly improve your overall health. People who regularly pray are less prone to illness and when they do get sick, recover at a much faster rate.

9. Don’t eat so much! At least those of us here in America are used to having our meals “super sized” and having “All You Can Eat” Buffets! Do we really need to eat that much food to nourish our bodies? I’ve started using smaller plates and smaller bowls when eating. You might want to try this too.

10. Make yourself a list of goals and work to achieve them! Having a purpose in life is something everyone needs. Don’t know what your passion is? Think back to when you were a teenager or a child. What did you want to be or do when you grew up? Life’s too short not to pursue your passions. Remember the winning is not in the obtaining, it’s in the journey.

If you’re not sure what goals you want to achieve, try making a list of 100 things you would like to do before you die, then get to work on making them happen!

Remember, these are just my “top ten tips” I’ve collected over the past several years. There are others. If you have some you would like to add, let me know!

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