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The Top 7 Traits of Entrepreneurs


Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? I did and was surprised to find that contrary to popular belief, it’s not the A-Type super organized personalities who become entrepreneurs. It’s the kids who were C students and have tenacity.

Entrepreneur has a great article depicting the 7 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs and it is pretty eye-opening.

1. Tenacity

Entrepreneur describes it like this: This trait is known by many names–perseverance, persistence, determination, commitment, resilience–but it’s really just old-fashioned stick-to-it-iveness. In other words, when the going gets tough, entrepreneurs don’t give up. The road to success is paved with many obstacles and problems. It is the strong-willed, determined individual who succeeds.

2. Passion

It is passion, not money, that drives most entrepreneurs. It is this passion for their product or service that sees them through the hard times and helps them with Tenancity.

3. Tolerance of Ambiquity

Basically, this means that entrepreneurs are risk-takers. They don’t need the security of a 9-5 job. They would rather forge their own path, even if that means not knowing from week to week where their money will come from, eating on the cheap and living in less than ideal circumstances while working on their business. It all boils down to their ability to successfully manage fear.

4. Vision

Entrepreneurs are a curious breed and can see things others cannot. They can visualize what has not happened and see opportunity others overlook.

5. Self-Belief

One thing all entrepreneurs share is self-confidence. They believe in themselves and their vision. They have confidence that the world needs what they are offering.

6. Flexibility

This could also be known as adaptability. Any kind of survival, whether species or business requires being adaptable to your current circumstances. Your final product many not look anything at all like what you started off with. You have to have the ability and the willingness to look at your situation and business to figure out what isn’t working and change it.

7. Rule-Breakers

In short, they defy the odds and don’t bend to conventional wisdom. The Entrepreneur article states that only 13% of individuals are engaged in entrepreneurship. The very fact that someone decides to go in business for themselves, makes them a rule-breaker, because they are doing what most people don’t, or won’t.

I found these traits very informative and enlightening. I believe I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Are you and entrepreneur? What did you learn from these traits?


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