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The One Thing Keeping You From Achieving Your Dreams


Do you have a goal or a dream that you clearly see, but for some reason, you just can’t seem to make it a reality?

I think most of us have faced that scenario at least once in our lives. It seems as though there is an invisible barrier keeping you from achieving your dreams.

Years ago, I read an article which told the following story:

A research project conducted by a marine biologist put a barracuda in a large tank. He then released smaller, bait fish into the same tank. As expected, the barracuda attacked and ate the smaller fish.

Then the researcher inserted a piece of glass into the tank, creating two separate chambers. He put the barracuda into one and new bait fish into the second. The barracuda immediately attacked.

This time, however, he hit the glass and bounced off. Undaunted, the barracuda kept repeating this behavior every few minutes. Meanwhile, the bait fish swam unharmed in the second chamber. Eventually, the barracuda gave up.

The biologist repeated this experiment several times over the next few days. Each time, the barracuda got less aggressive, until eventually he got tired of hitting the glass and stopped striking altogether.

Then the researcher removed the glass. The barracuda, now trained to believe a barrier existed between him and the bait fish, didn’t attack. The bait fish swam unassailed, wherever they wished.

Too often, we are like the barracuda. The barrier isn’t “out there.” It only exists inside our heads.

Several years ago which I first started on the Couch to 5K program, I thought I would NEVER be able to run 30 minutes straight. But I eventually did. Not only that, but one day my 10 year old son pushed me to run for an hour. I didn’t think I’d be able to do that either. But I did. I did because my young son told me I could and I believed him.

Are you facing that same mental barrier? Think about the past barriers people have overcome: breaking the sound barrier, the four-minute mile, the 2 hour marathon. For years those things didn’t happen because no one believed they could.

But then, something magical happened. Someone believed they could. Someone believed if they just tried long enough, if they just worked a little harder, they could do what everyone else said was impossible.

That same mental barrier is what is keeping you from achieving everything you desire. Somewhere in your subconscious mind, you have told yourself that it’s impossible to achieve that dream. You have beat yourself against that glass wall until you just gave up.

So you sit back and stay comfortable. You like comfortable. Everyone likes comfortable. It’s easy. It’s safe. It doesn’t require anything of you that makes you stretch.

If you’re ready to stretch yourself and want to get on the other side of that glass wall, then you’re going to have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You’re going to have to embrace the difficult.

That is the secret to achieving your goals. That is the secret to doing the impossible.

What goals have you set for yourself?

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