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Tart Cherry Juice Lime Spinach Smoothie Recipe

Over the past week, I have become addicted to this smoothie I invented last week. This smoothie’s origin is from a cherry lime margarita I have had at a chain restaurant. I rarely drink, so most of the time, I would order it virgin, but the taste is something I crave from time to time.

Anyway, one of these cravings hit last week and it was time for a smoothie. I had these delicious cherries in the fridge as well as a few limes and spinach. I was about to add coconut water, when I spied something my husband likes to drink before going to bed. Tart Cherry Juice. It helps him sleep.

I read in one of my running magazines that tart cherry juice can help you sleep. My husband was having trouble sleeping well at night, so we gave it a try and it helps! I highly recommend it!

Some of the other benefits of Tart Cherry Juice:

– Pain Relief
– Fights Heart Disease
– Helps you Sleep

You can read more about Tart Cherry Juice here.

Anyway, here is the recipe, I hope you like it!

Cherry Lime Spinach Smoothie

25 Cherries (pitted)
1 Lime (juiced)
1 cup of Spinach
1 cup of Organic Tart Cherry Juice
1 packet of Stevia

Put it all in the blender and blend until smooth. It’s delicious!

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