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Take Care of Your Health Before You Get Sick


This morning as I was reading my bible, there was a passage that stood out to me. From the Wisdom of Sirach 18:18 in my Orthodox Bible it says, “Before you speak, learn, and before you get sick, take care of your health.”

Not only did it stand out for me when I read it, but I have my Bible on my Nook and it got stuck on that one page, so every time I tried to swipe the page to keep reading, it wouldn’t let me and I kept rereading the same passage.

I figured it was a sign!

So what does that passage mean? It means you don’t neglect yourself and your body until it’s too late. It means you should start eating the right foods and exercising and taking care of your health before you get diagnosed with high blood pressure or heart disease or diabetes or cancer.

Don’t wait until you have a stroke or a heart attack to stop eating sugar and greasy fatty meats. Don’t wait until the doctor gives you a diagnosis of skin cancer before you protect your skin from the sun.

Start now. Whether you are 20 or 40 or 60 you can start to take care of the body God blessed you with. Start fueling it with good for you food instead of just thinking about good-tasting food.

Think about what foods will heal your body and not about what foods will ease your emotional pain.

Start thinking about what movement will do for your body instead of what the next plot twist will be on your favorite show.

Take care of yourself. Eat right. Exercise. Spend time with family and friends doing things that make you happy and joyful.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Start today. Start now. Make better choices before you have no other choice.

Your body will thank you!

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