Sherry A. Phillips

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The Beauty of Yoga

Have you ever thought about the beauty of yoga? I have written before about the benefits of yoga. You can find that post here. However, today I was looking over some of my favorite inspirational gurus’ tweets and I came across this inspiring video. It was so beautiful, I HAD to share it with you. […]

Can This Test Determine Your Lifespan?

I ran across this test last week and it said, “The Exercise That Predicts Your DEATH!” I was curious, so I continued to read the article and take the test. Can this test really determine your lifespan? I have my doubts. What is this test? It is a test developed by physicians in Brazil to […]

Top 10 Benefits of Yoga

Have you ever tried yoga? I’m not talking about the mystical, chanting type of yoga. I’m talking the stretch your body, build your muscle and get your body into great shape yoga. BTW – I know many Christians will not do yoga because they fear the mystical aspects of what they perceive to be a […]

Move It or Lose It

Is your physical fitness improving, staying the same or declining? Every day we make a choice whether or not to improve our physical condition either by pushing ourselves past what we think we can endure, doing something that makes us comfortable, or grabbing a bag of chips and zoning out in front of the television. […]