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The Top 10 Benefits of Going Vegan

Several weeks ago, I made the decision to go vegan. It is my intention to be vegan full-time, but I must confess that I have slipped and had 2 vegetarian (not vegan) meals and 2 meals that contained a small amount of meat. I’m not going to beat myself up about it, because I am […]

Kindness Isn’t Just For Humans

When I think about living a life filled with abundance, I cannot imagine that life without animals. I have been an animal lover my whole life. I started out with goldfish (that cost about $.05 a piece and lasted about a day) and added two tiny turtles I named “NoNo” and “SoSo.” They lasted quite […]

Take Care of Your Health Before You Get Sick

This morning as I was reading my bible, there was a passage that stood out to me. From the Wisdom of Sirach 18:18 in my Orthodox Bible it says, “Before you speak, learn, and before you get sick, take care of your health.” Not only did it stand out for me when I read it, […]

20 Ways to Eat Like a Greek for Longevity

Want to make your home into a longevity hotspot? Start with the kitchen! Earlier this week, I blogged about Ikaria, Greece (aka The Island Where People Forget To Die). The people of Ikaria eat what most people refer to as a Mediterranean Diet. The real Mediterranean diet has been shown to lower rates of cancer, […]

Living to 100 – Can You Do It?

Many of you know I have a great interest in health and longevity. In fact, I even teach a class on it using all of the information I have gathered over the last few years. While nothing can guarantee that you will live a longer life, there are obvious things such as quitting smoking and […]

This Is Young Living

Should You Be Fasting?

For me, that answer is yes! Let me tell you why! Every year, our family celebrates what we refer to as “Family Week” even though it lasts for 10 days. Family Week begins with my husband’s and my wedding anniversary on the 8th, our daughter’s birthday on the 11th, Father’s Day and finally, his birthday […]

Raw Vegan: Is It The Fountain of Youth?

While I was perusing some of the pages I follow in Facebook, I came across a photo meme that stopped me in my tracks. I thought, “This isn’t true! This is some sort of photoshopped trick that I’m sure Snopes or someone else has debunked!” FYI, here is the photo: So, I did a little […]

Can You Really Live Longer In A “Blue Zone”?

Most of you know my love for the book and website “Blue Zones.” I was first introduced to Dan Buettner and his work with Blue Zones by watching Oprah about 3 years ago. I immediately went out and purchased his book by the same name. You can find it in the recommending reading section of […]

Obesity Is Caused By Processed Food

In what would seem like a no-brainer, we now know that obesity is caused by processed food. From Mercola: One interesting fact is that, in contrast to third-world countries, in the US the poorest people have the highest obesity rates. This seeming contradiction is, I believe, a clear indication that the problem stems from the […]

Raw Corn Chowder Recipe

I was going to make some version of a creamy cucumber soup tonight, but I saw some delicious looking corn on the cob this morning and grabbed 5 ears. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them, but this afternoon, I got a huge graving for corn chowder. I started searching the […]

Health Benefits of Eating a Raw Diet

As I stated yesterday, I’ve started eating a raw vegan diet. I’m planning on sticking with this for 3 weeks and see how it makes me feel. I won’t lie. Yesterday was tough. I have been eating blue cheese on my salads every day and it was not easy to give that up. There was […]

Eating A Raw Diet for 3 Weeks!

I decided last week that the day after my daughter turns 16, I was going to jump in and go raw for three weeks. In the past, I’ve been vegetarian, I have gone vegan for several months. However, after seeing a posting on Facebook, I wondered if I could really go all out and eat […]

Creamy Vegan Mashed Potatoes!

Anyone who knows me, knows I love, love, love my southern roots and especially love southern cooking. The problem with most of our southern cooking is frying and butter. As Paula Deen can tell you, in the South, it’s “more butter, more better!” So, when I decided to go Vegan until Christmas, one of things […]

I’m going Vegan until Christmas

I’m sitting here nursing a cold and won’t be running today, which I hate. Anyway, after all of the gluttony of Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to go Vegan until Christmas Eve. I am about to confess a horrible, horrible thing I eat on Christmas morning. It is so bad for me that just thinking about it […]

What Rosie O’Donnell’s Heart Attack Can Teach You

Yesterday, we learned that celebrity Rosie O’Donnell suffered a heart attack last week while helping a woman out of her car. Rosie has four children. From Radaronline: Rosie O’Donnell had a heart attack and is sharing the news about her frightening medical scare and her treatment. The 50-year-old wrote about what happened on her blog […]

Going Vegetarian

My husband and I are Orthodox Christians and attend a local Greek Orthodox Church. Usually twice a week and during certain times of the year (like Lent), we abstain from meat (and if you’re strict, dairy as well). We were usually pretty good about abstaining from meat; however, my meatless menu would include things like […]