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VIDEO: 10 Success Principles To Live A More Abundant Life

Want to live a more abundant life? Of course you do! As most of you know, I like to follow Jack Canfield and what he has to say regarding goal setting and living a life of abundance. His book on Success Principles is very motivating and helpful and I highly recommend it. I ran across […]

How To Program Your Mind To Attract What You Want

by Jack Canfield We all aspire to be, do and have great things. Yet most of us simply aren’t creating the results we want. We don’t have enough money, romance, success or joy in our lives. But what we need to understand is that greatness exists in all of us. It is simply up to […]

The Shift: The Secret and The Law of Attraction

I thought I would share this film I found on YouTube the other day. It may help inspire and motivate many of you on your journey to living a more abundant life. The Shift is a film along the lines of “The Secret” and “The Law of Attraction.” I am a Christian and believe that […]

What Price Are You Willing To Pay For Success?

What Price Are You Willing To Pay For Success? Whether you succeed or fail, you are paying a price of some kind. Would you rather pay the price for success? Or Failure? There is a great quote from Brian Caruthers in his book, “Building An Empire” that reads, “Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. You will […]

Purpose and Passion: What Is Holding You Back?

Everyone talks about having a purpose and doing what you are passionate about; however, rarely do we find someone who is actually living their passion. How many people do you know who are actively pursuing their passion and living the life of their dreams? Very few! So what is holding you and so many others […]

How to Create an Empowering Vision Board

by Jack Canfield Your brain will work tirelessly to achieve the statements you give your subconscious mind. And when those statements are the affirmations and images of your goals, you are destined to achieve them! Creating a vision board is probably one of the most valuable visualization tools available to you. This powerful tool serves […]

Proof That Law of Attraction Works

Need proof that the Law of Attraction Works? Watch this video of different celebrities as they talk about how the Law of Attraction has worked in their lives.

Want Success? Get To Work!

Remember years ago when the movie “The Secret” was so popular? Everyone was talking about “The Secret.” The film made it seem like all you had to do was change your thinking and everything you ever wanted would effortlessly flow into your life. While I do believe “The Secret” exists, I also believe you must […]

When Success Is Slow, What Can You Do?

by Jack Canfield Pop Quiz: Can success be sped up? Is there an antidote to slow outcomes despite arduous planning and actions taken? What’s the secret for seeing huge results right now?! I get versions of these questions frequently from people who feel frustrated at sluggish progress in their success journey – despite all the […]

How To Manifest The Life You Desire

The other day I ran across this video and thought it would be great to share. You know that I am big on the Law of Attraction and keeping your mind on the things you want and away from the things you do not. These techniques have been proven time and again to the point […]

Are You Letting Your Dream Life Get Away?

Are you letting your dream life get away? If you’re waiting for someone else to get it for you, then the answer is yes! Think the days of the “Cinderella Complex” are over? They’re not! The other day I was scanning photos on Pinterest and came across a Pin of a gorgeous estate where the […]

Vision Boards: Can You See Your Future?

The answer is yes! One of my weekend projects was to put together a new vision board. I had a vision board and lost it somewhere in the move between Tennessee and Virginia two years ago. I figured it was about time I made a new one! You may be asking yourself, “What the heck […]

How to Stay Focused in the Face of Negativity

by Jack Canfield The Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus on is what you will attract into your life. This is why it’s essential to stay focused on your goals. Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to maintain focus in today’s world, where we’re bombarded by negative messages from the media, co-workers, friends, […]

How To Find Work You Love

I watched these two videos over the last few days and thought you might enjoy them too. ) )

Live Your Life By Design

Do you ever get the feeling that your life is out of control and that all you are doing is running around from appointment to appointment, working yourself to death and not enjoying anything? We’ve all been there! We run ourselves ragged trying to be everything to everyone. If you would prefer to live your […]

Have You Made a Plan?

When talking about goals and goal setting, many people will say they would do anything to be successful. None of us have the same goals or ambitions, but one commonality most people have is that though they say they would do anything to succeed, they don’t really mean it. How to do I know? Because […]

How to Activate the Law of Attraction

by Jack Canfield The Law of Attraction is the most powerful law in the universe. And, just like gravity, it is always operating whether you are aware of it or not. Simply put, the Law of Attraction says that you will attract into your life whatever you focus on. Whatever you give your energy and […]

The Importantance of Believing The Possible

by Jack Canfield Believe It Is Possible Scientists used to believe that humans responded to information flowing into the brain from the outside world. But what we now know is that instead, we respond to what the brain — based on previous experience — expects to happen next. In fact, the mind is such a […]