Sherry A. Phillips

Suspense Author

How to Keep Your Marriage Strong

I thought long and hard about writing this blog post. Mostly, because I’ve only been married for 19 years and who am I to give advice? I’ve seen marriages break up after 25 and 30 years, and I’ve always wondered, “What was it that they couldn’t get past?” A friend from college had a best […]

Top 10 People You Should Follow on Social Media

I have a lot of people I look to for inspiration and motivation, whether that is in business, my faith, my relationships or my health. We all need a little help to nudge us past the roadblocks and obstacles life throws at us. I am no exception. I know many of you like to read […]

Kick Your Fear In the Rear!

Want to kick your fear in the rear? You can! We all, at one time or another, fear something. For many of us it can be debilitating and keep us from enjoying all that life has to offer. Yesterday, I was listening to Darren Hardy’s Daily Mentoring. Darren is the publisher of Success Magazine and […]