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Are You Ready To Be Motivated?

I love motivational videos and I figured those of you who read this blog probably enjoy watching them as well. I came across two great ones last week on Facebook and wanted to share them with you. Post by Prince Ea. Post by Josiah Mizukami.

Tyler Perry’s Inspiring Words for Success

Bill Gates’ Motivational Harvard Speech

Words of Wisdom From Self-Made Billionaires

The Difference Between A Winner and A Loser

Sometimes only a tiny change can make all the difference in your outcome!

Best Motivational Video for Success

Rise and Shine

You Can Live Your Dream

I am working very hard at my dream, are you? If you would like to learn more about Young Living and this business, please visit my site.

Don’t Give Up!

Sometimes life throws something at you that is totally unexpected. You will want to quit. You will want to give up. Take inspiration from this video and learn the lesson of “Don’t Give Up!”

Creativity Begins With Belief

Do you believe creativity begins with belief? Do you remember when you were younger and you thought you could do anything? Do you remember not being afraid to try? What happened to that person? Watch this video and be inspired to take action and live your life like you did when you were young!

Be Fearless!

The only one holding you back is yourself! Are you willing to get past your wall of fear or are you going to let it stop you? Forbes made a list on what it means to be fearless: 1. Don’t ask what you can do, just do! 2. Live in the moment. 3. You can […]

Best Motivational Video