Sherry A. Phillips

Suspense Author

Keep Moving Foward!

I met a woman the other day and we were talking about positive thinking and the importance of moving on even when life has thrown you a hard punch. She relayed some advice a friend of hers gave her one day when she was hit particularly hard. He told her this: Get up and keep […]

Why Quitting Should Never Be An Option

The other day, my daughter asked me if I could see if she could drop a class in school. I knew she was getting an A in that class and in fact, it was a class she liked. When I asked her why, she said, “It’s just so hard. I feel so much pressure.” Needless […]

6 Tips To Help You Persevere When You Want To Quit

We’ve all had those days (sometimes weeks), where we feel like we have worked and worked and worked, but have nothing to show for it. That’s when the little negative voice inside you says, “This isn’t working, I should just quit.” That’s when you need to give yourself a pep talk and keep going. It […]