Sherry A. Phillips

Suspense Author

What’s In Your Food?

I have been on a healthier eating journey for a few years now. I’m not perfect. Far from it! However, I am making a concerted effort to eat healthier foods and make healthier choices for both myself and my family. One question I keep asking myself more and more is, “What’s in this?” I find […]

Was Dr. Atkins right all along?

With the popularity of the Paleo diet, and noticing one of my friend’s Facebook photos of her Atkins meals, it made me wonder, “Was Dr. Atkins right all along?” What scared me about Atkins was the high fat everyone talked about, but now I’m thinking that’s not such a bad thing. What is bad is […]

Obesity Is Caused By Processed Food

In what would seem like a no-brainer, we now know that obesity is caused by processed food. From Mercola: One interesting fact is that, in contrast to third-world countries, in the US the poorest people have the highest obesity rates. This seeming contradiction is, I believe, a clear indication that the problem stems from the […]