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Tony Robbins: Why You Do What You Do

Tony Robbins explains i this TED Talk why you do what you do. He states he is NOT a motivational speaker, that what he does goes far deeper than simple motivation. Wondering why you do what you do? Why you’re where you are? Watch this video! {LANGUAGE WARNING} 1. What are you going to focus […]

How To Reach Long-Term Goals

Do you know how to reach long-term goals? Do you know WHY it’s important to have long-term goals? I’m going to tell you! I am astonished at the number of people who have no goals. I’m not talking about someone saying, “I’d like to live in this neighborhood,” or “I’d like a car like that […]

8 Steps To Transform Your Life

Are you tired of the day-to-day grind? Have you truly reached the end of your rope and want to transform your life into the one you dream of? Here are 8 Steps you can take to transform your life into the one you imagine: 1. Gratitude – Showing gratitude is one of the biggest things […]

Best Motivational Video

Never Give Up

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail