Sherry A. Phillips

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How to Find Happiness

A mentor of mine suggested the book, “Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose,” written by Tony Hsieh. I went ahead and bought the book, thinking that I would get around to reading it sometime or another. Then, the other night, I decided to crack it open (or rather pull it up on […]

Is Congeniality The Key To A Longer Life?

Is Congeniality the key to a longer life? Over the weekend I was getting notes together for a class I’m teaching tonight on Longevity Secrets. I have thought about offering this class as a webinar sometime down the road and may be doing so in the next month. I have been independently studying longevity secrets […]

Ideas for a Happy Life

I have long held the idea that each individual’s happiness lies within his or her own hands. No matter the circumstances you may find yourself, you can choose to count your blessings and be happy. In other words, happiness is a choice. My mother was a happy person. Despite the fact that she contracted polio […]

The 5 Keys to Wealth and Happiness

I like to read many different inspirational and motivational websites. I look at reading positive thinking, success and motivational blogs and books as I do taking a vitamin every day. It is good for your soul and helps to get you through those tough times life throws at you. I was reading Tony Robbins’ blog […]