Sherry A. Phillips

Suspense Author

Do Something That Scares You

Do one thing every day that scares you. – Eleanor Roosevelt If you want to live a fearless life, then you must face what scares you every single day. Face it and conquer it. It is by conquering your fears that fear loses it’s power. It is a fact that the more fearless you become […]

How Self-Made Millionaires Create Financial Success

As you have probably heard, you become what you think about most of the time. To become a self-made millionaire, you should look at the habits and steps other self-made millionaires made and emulate them. The habits of financial success are learnable by practice and repetition. From Brian Tracy: Your Thoughts Create Your Financial Success […]

Are You Making Progress?

“Your progress in life begins in your own mind and ends in the same place.” – Napoleon Hill Think about that quote for a moment, because it is so true! Every great accomplishment or event that has happened, began with an idea in the mind of someone. They had the idea, they thought about it, […]

Daily Vitamin for the Soul

“An attitude of positive expectation is the mark of the superior personality.” – Brian Tracy

One Thing You Can Do To Be More Productive

Motivational speaker and business expert Brian Tracy is famous for saying, “What one thing, if you did it today, will move you toward your goal?” A few weeks ago, I was reading several articles regarding productivity. During my perusing, I visited Michael Hyatt’s site. My husband and I used to go to church with Michael […]

What One Thing, If You Did It Today, Could Help You Reach Your Goals?

My husband has a Brian Tracy CD that we occasionally listen to while driving. There is a quote from this CD that we say to one another in the morning as we start our day. “What one thing, if you did it today, could help you reach your goal?” I’ve been thinking a lot about […]