Sherry A. Phillips

Suspense Author

Is Your Attitude Sabotaging Your Life?

Think about this for a moment. Think about your attitude on a daily basis. Could your attitude be sabotaging your life? This morning I was reading a shared Facebook post from a friend. The original post was posted by Billy Cox Motivation and here it is: I think the advice in this story is perfect. […]

Do You Have An Attitude of Gratitude?

Do you have an attitude of gratitude? Thanksgiving. My priest mentioned in his homily on Sunday that someone once told him that Thanksgiving was “premeditated gluttony.” I cannot disagree with that assessment. Most of us who are blessed with plenty of food, will be stuffing ourselves with traditional fare like turkey is less than 24 […]

How To Live A More Abundant Life

When I say the word abundance, what comes to mind? Is it money? Health? Friends? Social Status? Abundance can mean different things to different people. I was looking at abundance quotes last night and a few of these popped out: Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life. – Wayne […]