Sherry A. Phillips

Suspense Author

Dare To Dream

This morning’s Daily Vitamin for the Soul was just a simple message. Dare to dream. How many of us put limits on our dreams and ambitions? How many of us say, “That’s unrealistic. I’ll never have anything like that,” or “They’re just lucky, not everyone can do what they did.” We need to stop putting […]

7 Ways You Can Live A More Abundant Life

Would you like to live a more abundant life? Do you even know what an abundant life looks like? Abundance means different things to different people, but for the most part, abundance really has very little to do with how much money you have in the bank (other than to give you peace of mind). […]

Mommy Wars: Family vs. Career

In the ongoing mommy wars saga, today’s question is, “Does having a family mean you cannot be super successful at your career?” Can you do both? The reason I am asking is that I heard an excerpt from Barbara Walters’ interview with Oprah Winfrey this morning. It was part of her, “10 Most Fascinating People” […]

How You Can Live a More Abundant Life

Abundance is about more than just getting money and being successful. Abundance is the ability to help others. Abundance comes when you give of yourself, your time, your money and your resources. I like people. I enjoy talking with people and helping them in whatever way I can. When I find something I like and […]