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Success Is Not A Lottery Ticket!


Success is not a lottery ticket, though I will confess that when a particular lottery gets up to around $400 million, I will go and buy myself a ticket. $2 is not much money to play the “What if I won?” game for a few days.

However, winning the lottery is not a plan for success.

If you want to succeed at anything, regardless of what success means to you, you must make a plan and take action.

For some people, success means they are able to afford a nice house in a good neighborhood with good schools. Figure out what kind of house, which neighborhood and which schools, then make a plan of action to get you there and don’t stop until you reach your desired outcome.

Other people may see success as traveling the world seeing new and exciting places, meeting new friends. What kind of income would you need to make that happen? What kind of business would you have to be in to have the time freedom to travel? Figure it out, make a plan and don’t stop until you reach your goal.

For some, success means they are the best athlete in their chosen sport. What kind of time would you need to dedicate to make yourself a top athlete? What kind coaching do you need? Are you willing to make the sacrifices necessary?

Success is not a lottery ticket where everyone puts in the same $2 and some people are lucky enough to win the jackpot. Unlike the lottery, success leaves clues and it is accessible to everyone.

You can be as successful as you desire. You can achieve everything you want. But it will take work. It will take sacrifice. It will mean that you have to make a plan and take action on that plan every single day.

If you need to educate yourself, if you need to change your diet, if you need to put in more hours, if you need to change the place where you live in order to make your vision of success a reality, you can do it. The only question you must ask yourself is, “Am I willing to take that leap of faith and make the changes necessary to be successful?”

There is no lottery when you talk about succeeding in life. There is only a desire, goals, education, hard work, perseverance and finally, a successful outcome.

Hit your own personal lottery by taking the necessary steps to succeed!

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