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Spring is Coming!!!

Yes! Spring is around the corner! You want to know how I came to this conclusion? You might think it is the singing of the robins, or the trees budding out into their greenish hues. Maybe you think it’s the daffodils which are blooming all around.

You would be wrong! It’s my dogs! Specifically, my rough collies. In one of my Facebook collie groups someone posted this meme:

Shedding Collies in Spring

Collie owners know what the real signal of Spring is! Shedding!

What made this meme so prophetic was that I had just finished grooming our tri-colored rough collie, Link yesterday afternoon. He is a beautiful boy and one of the sweetest dogs you could ever hope to meet. Here is the photo I posted on Instagram and Facebook yesterday when I was finished with him.

Collies blowing coat

Link, our tri-colored collie, is blowing coat.

When I started working on him, the fur started piling up and my daughter said, “You could make a small dog from all that fur!” By the time I was finished she said, “Forget the small dog, you could make another collie from that amount of fur!”

Collies have double coats and in the winter, those coats keep them fluffy and warm, like the day our two collies, Zelda and Link played in the snow this year (my kids named them after the Legend of Zelda games).

Link and Zelda play in the snow

Our two rough collies, Link and Zelda playing in the snow.

Like our collies, spring is time for us to shed our excess baggage as well. I wrote a while back about decluttering using the KonMari method. I am making good progress toward getting rid of a lot of things we held onto that should have never been kept. As I have been going through the boxes, I find myself saying over and over, “Why did I keep this?” or “Why have I been carting this from one home to another and one state to another?”

It’s ridiculous!

So, I am shedding my accumulated stuff and cleaning up the mess. It will still take me weeks more before it’s done, but just as my collies feel lighter and happier without the additional fur, I know I will feel lighter and happier without all of the emotional and physical baggage I’ve been carrying around.

Here is to a beautiful and decluttered Spring and life!

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