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How To Seed a Pomegranate



They are beautiful and they taste great! The benefits of eating the seeds and drinking the juice are numerous!

However … THOSE SEEDS!!!

Have you ever tried to seed a pomegranate? At one point, the prospect could leave me screaming in the opposite direction from this amazing fruit! Then I found this video that showed me how simple it could be. And no mess, which is always a plus!

Here’s the video:

I tried this last week when I was making Roasted Brussels Sprout Salad (I put the recipe in my weekly newsletter, but I’ve also put it in this post as I changed things up a bit while making it). Let me tell you, this method works!!!

No fuss. No mess and no red “blood” all over my kitchen making it look like a crime scene needing investigating.

Did you know that many people believe it was a pomegranate Eve plucked and offered to Adam in the Garden of Eden? Ancient Egyptians would bury their dead with Pomegranates, believing they offered eternal life. Legends and mythological stories often link pomegranates to good tidings. The Chinese eat the seeds for good luck.

All of that aside, why would you want to eat this gorgeous fruit? Well, first, look at the color. It is my theory that the more color something has in it, the better it is for you! This includes Pomegranates.

To recap:

The juice is just as good for you as the seeds, so juice those pomegranates as well!


As promised, here is the recipe I used last week:

Roasted Brussells Sprout Salad from Happy Healthy Mama. The only thing I did different from the recipe was to roast my brussels Sprouts, and instead of the orange juice, I substituted 4 drops of Young Living’s Orange Essential Oil. It was delicious!

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