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The Secret to Healthy, Shiny, Thicker Hair


Want the secret to healthy, shiny, thicker hair?

I discovered this secret a few months ago. It’s all natural and it works!

I will admit, I was genetically blessed in the hair department. It’s thick and straight. However, I do get it highlighted and as most of you know, that can wreck your hair.

My daughter also has great thick hair, but she loves to color it. And when I mean color it, I mean she may be white blonde like Gwen Stefani one week and blue like Katy Perry the next. Her hair has quite literally spanned the colors of the rainbow.

All of that bleaching, coloring and rebleaching could result in hair damage and breakage. Quite frankly, her hair would probably feel like dead straw if she didn’t do the following two things to keep it healthy and shiny: She keeps it very short (Miley Cyrus short) and she conditions it twice a week with this “magical hair elixir” I discovered from a Young Living “12 Oils of Ancient Scripture” Powerpoint presentation. This recipe was formulated by Carolyn Watts.

We both use it and we both swear by it. As a matter of fact, one of her classmates who also likes to color their hair asked her why her hair wasn’t breaking off too. She told her it’s because of her “Mom’s magical hair elixir.”

Twice a week we both put this mixture on our hair and leave it on for at least 2 hours before washing it out.

You want to know how great it is? My hairdresser even asks what I do to my hair to keep it so healthy. If that’s not a testament to it’s effectiveness, I don’t know what is.

The first time my daughter used it, she was very down about how dry her hair felt after one of her bleaching sessions. I offered to make this up for her. She agreed and slathered it on.

After two hours of deep conditioning, she washing it out, blew dry her hair and said, “Mama! Feel how soft my hair is!”

It really does work miracles!*

Magical Hair Elixir (for deep conditioning)

1/2 Cup Olive Oil
5 Drops Myrrh
5 Drops Cedarwood
5 Drops Sandalwood
5 Drops Spikenard

Try this deep conditioning treatment on your hair twice a week and let me know how great it makes your hair look and feel!

* Please note: I ONLY recommend using Young Living essential oils as they are the only company with the Seed to Seal guarantee. They are the only company I feel safe using on myself and my family because of their purity.

* Please note that the information contained on this website is my personal opinion, and should not be used as a substitute for medical advice and treatment. If you have medical concerns, please consult with a physician or other qualified health professional. The information about the health topics is for informational purposes only.

I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. I am a mom who looks for natural ways to support her family’s health through nutrition, exercise and alternative, holistic methods. Any statements made on my blog are my own and do not reflect the opinions of anyone else.

Statements on this blog have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure disease.

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