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Is There Scientific Evidence We Can Heal Ourselves?


Is there scientific evidence we can heal ourselves?

Some call it the “Placebo Effect” others call it faith healing or positive thinking. Many people dismiss this effect because they believe science is everything.

But what if a scientist believes in this effect?

There are scientists who believe you can heal yourself from the worst cases of illness and physical pain without medicine or the use of a doctor.

Sounds crazy, but there are case studies to prove it works.

I have read countless stories, watched videos and seen accounts verifying that your mind can be instrumental in healing yourself. For me, as a Christian, I believe that we are made in God’s image. I believe His power rushes through my veins and that includes the power to heal.

Dr. Lissa Rankin went from taking countless doses of medicine for years to being free from her “sick” issues completely. She has book entitled, “Mind Over Medicine.”

Do you believe you have the power to heal yourself?

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