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The Real Truth About Network Marketing


If you say the words Network Marketing, most people will have some kind of immediate reaction. The truth is that word-of-mouth marketing is the strongest form of advertising. In fact, the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” became such a huge success because of word-of-mouth advertising. People loved the movie, told their friends they HAD to see it and before long, it was a huge blockbuster hit.

Young Living utilizes this same popular and quite frankly, brilliant business model. This model allows the average person a chance to have their own successful business for a fraction of what it would cost to start their own business from scratch or buy a traditional franchise.

Think about this, how many times have you been to Starbucks and bought one of their delicious coffees, then turned around and told someone you know, “You should really try their new salted caramel macchiato, it’s to die for!” Did Starbucks ever pay you for that referral? No!


I believe network marketing is a very powerful tool. It is a tool that will help people create their own economies, no matter what the current unemployment rate is. Too many people around the world continue to be affected by the state of the economy whereas Young Living has grown over 20% each year for the last few years.

This is YOUR chance to take back control of your life and fulfill your dreams.

Young Living is set up as a franchise-like model with a lucrative compensation plan.

This is not your typical company and these are not the same essential oils in your local health food store. These are therapeutic grade essential oils and by using them and sharing your experiences with them, you can create a multi-million dollar asset.

You can build your network, increase your revenues, gain more free time, and create the extraordinary life you always wanted.

All it takes is to do what you do every day. Network. As long as you have interaction with people, you are networking.

Many people go into business with no business background and/or unrealistic expectations:

– They quit way too soon

– They refuse to invest their time and money in training

– They don’t put in the time or effort required to be successful

– They do not know how to create habits of success

– They spend no time on personal development

– They spend too much time on training and/or personal development and take no action

And when they fail, they blame everyone else or the company or the industry for their failures.

It doesn’t have to be that way. If this sounds like your past and you are now ready to get real and take a no-nonsense approach to create your own personal asset with multiple streams of income, then don’t wait any longer.

Start working with me today to build a better future for yourself!


Here are some FAQs before getting started:

1. Is this like one of those pyramid schemes where only people at the ‘top’ make money?

Quite the contrary. First, pyramid schemes are illegal. Young Living Essential Oils has been in business for almost 20 years using a network marketing model.

Second, there is no ‘top’ in Young Living. When and where you enroll in the network has nothing to do with your success. You can make way more money than the person who enrolled you. It’s YOUR business. The only thing that can interfere or hinder your successs is YOU.

2. If Young Living is 20 years old isn’t it too late to get in? Wouldn’t the market be saturated?

No. Another common fallacy that plagues the industry as a whole. There are 7 Billion people in the world and only 300,000 or so active members in Young Living. You do the math.

3. Network marketing products tend to be so expensive because of all the ‘distributors’ that need to get paid.

Nope, no true, even though it’s a very popular opinion. To simplify, the fact is the members get paid from the marketing and advertising budget, not the product quality budget. The entire business model is dependent upon Young Living members referring people to the company. If we didn’t do that, Young Living would have to pay for advertising and hire marketers. We are their marketers. That’s how we get paid.

The product is more expensive because the quality is greater than the average store-bought product. You don’t have to believe me. Review the ingredients and you can see for yourself.

This is not a get-rich-quick business. Like anything else in life, it requires goal setting, planning and work in the form of taking action.

Are you ready to take action for a better future?

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