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Profile of Supermodel Mogul Kathy Ireland

Supermodel mogul Kathy Ireland is a positive role model and inspiration to many women, myself included. I have long admired Ireland, going all the way back to her early modeling days. We are about the same age and she has always inspired me with her positive attitude and work ethic.

I was thrilled to read Forbes Magazine’s profile on Ireland this morning.

Not only is Ireland a busy mom of three, but she has her fingers in a lot of pies, all of which are very successful. She’s a study in positive thinking and hard work.

From Forbes:

At 48 Kathy Ireland is still as stunning as when she appeared in 13 consecutive Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues, including three covers (albeit now with bigger hair). “Thank you,” she says in her small voice as the group kicks off a brainstorming session about social media. “Thank you,” she repeats as ideas fly about ways to gain her company a bigger presence on Twitter and Facebook. “Thank you,” the group responds, the only two words invoked more over the next hour than “excuse me” and “please.”

If this isn’t how America’s best-known licensor, the famously demanding Martha Stewart, might do business, so be it. Kathy Ireland sells more product—some $2 billion at retail—and she’s worth more, too. If Martha Stewart represents WASP perfection (and those who aspire to it), then Kathy Ireland rules flyover country (and those content to stay there), bequeathing her taste—and/or slapping her name—onto more than 15,000 products, few of which jibe with the image most people have of her.

This swimsuit model doesn’t sell swimsuits, and while many women may still associate her name with a clothing line at Kmart, she barely sells clothes anymore, either. The bulk of her success comes instead from the kind of stuff that has likely never seen a celebrity’s name adorning it: ceiling fans, flooring, mattresses. And above all there’s furniture: desks, end tables, media centers, beds, ottomans and bookcases. There are area rugs, carpets and headboards. And lots and lots of windows. One of the biggest pieces of the Kathy Ireland empire is her namesake vinyl and plastic replacement windows, which purportedly insulate heat inexpensively; a retail outfit called Window World moves $400 million of them a year.

If there’s any consistency to this grab bag that is Kathy Ireland Worldwide, it’s the target audience: Middle America’s moms. There’s a certain magic in placing a glamorous supermodel’s name on mundane products aimed at an everyday audience. “I can see your compassion for moms,” tweeted one fan. “Can’t wait to read your book!” (Ireland has published six.) With three children and four dogs, ­Ireland fronts the brand credibly. When I request a coaster before putting down a glass on a rustic wooden table at her house, Ireland waves her hand dismissively. Stewart might create a Thanksgiving dinner spread worthy of a magazine; at Ireland’s place dogs lounge on the furniture.

I highly recommend you click through and read the entire article. She has a very inspiring story and will make you wonder what you could do with confidence, a vision and hard work!

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