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What Price Are You Willing To Pay For Success?


What Price Are You Willing To Pay For Success?

Whether you succeed or fail, you are paying a price of some kind. Would you rather pay the price for success? Or Failure?

There is a great quote from Brian Caruthers in his book, “Building An Empire” that reads, “Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. You will need to pay a price. You will either pay the price of hard work that begets success… or you will refuse to make the sacrifice and pay the price of failure. Either way, a price will be paid.”

I’m in the middle of reading Brian’s book and I highly recommend you get a copy as well. I think this is an awesome and inspiring quote for all of us to remember. Many, many people dream of success. They fantasize, they visualize, the dream about having a successful life. However, very few people are willing to pay the price of success.

They are too comfortable where they are. They would rather sit and watch television in the evenings or sleep in an extra 2 hours in the morning. They would rather go watch a football game or go shopping. Anything but doing the work it takes to be successful.

I have said this before, but no one gets to the top by being lazy. Other than winning a lottery, there is no luck or good fortune that will suddenly catapult you into the stratosphere of the super successful and wealthy. It takes hard work and a lot of it.

Jay Z and Beyonce didn’t just “get lucky” and become music’s power couple. They are there by design and hard work. I have read that Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs actually slept in the studio, sweeping the floors and getting coffee for no money as an apprentice to learn everything he could about the music business when first starting out. How many people are willing to do that? Very few.

I saw an interview with Gene Simmons of KISS a few days ago. Gene is probably one of the best marketing geniuses in entertainment. He may be a musician, but he is first and foremost a hard-working entrepreneur who believes in capitalism. He has made a very successful life for himself and he didn’t get that life by being lazy or wishing he could have the lifestyle he enjoys.

Likewise, Donald Trump didn’t get to billionaire status because he sat back and enjoyed the fruits of his millionaire father. He had bigger dreams and he was willing to work hard to realize his ambitions and he succeeded.

What price are you willing to pay to make your dreams come true?

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