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The Power of Why

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In order to succeed at anything, you must have a clear and consistent focus on the outcomes that are most important to you. That focus enables you to harness the emotional power behind why you want to generate those outcomes.


Why do you want to meet these goals? Why is it important to you?

Once you know the exact result you are committed to and why you must achieve it, you are now in the state of mind to create a plan to get there. You will need to ask yourself what action steps you must take to achieve this specific result. These steps will help you achieve your goal.

Anthony Robbins tells us to keep in mind two things as you create your plan:

1. There are many ways to achieve a result. If one set of actions doesn’t achieve it, another set will.

2. Throughout your entire list of action items, a small number of them make the biggest difference in your ability to achieve your goal. 20% of what you do in life makes 80% of the difference. In other words, most often, you don’t have to accomplish every action item on your to-do list in order to achieve your desired outcome.

Stay focused on the ‘must’ actions that will truly make a difference in helping you achieve the result you really are committed to.

Now you are ready to begin taking the steps necessary and create the extraordinary life you want and deserve. The why will bring your passion and get you started, and you’ll soon find that you’ve created an unstoppable momentum toward your ultimate desired outcome.

Be bold, find your why and take action. You will succeed!

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