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One Thing You Can Do To Be More Productive

Motivational speaker and business expert Brian Tracy is famous for saying, “What one thing, if you did it today, will move you toward your goal?”

A few weeks ago, I was reading several articles regarding productivity. During my perusing, I visited Michael Hyatt’s site. My husband and I used to go to church with Michael and his wife, Gail and he is also a business expert.

There was one thing Michael said he does that I have adopted and I cannot believe how much more productive I have been ever since.

What is it?

I’ve started getting up at 4:45 every day. I know, it sounds insane. Who in their right mind would get up at 4:45?

Try it. Your body will get used to it and start waking up automatically. Sometimes I’m even waking up at 4:30 these days.

Let me tell you how this has helped me become more productive. I laid out a plan of everything I need to get done in a day and plugged in the things that had set times, like taking my daughter to school and two hours later, taking my sons to school. Then I figured out what I needed to get done to reach my goals and the available time I have to do them.

When I get up at 4:45, no one, with the exception of my faithful German Shepherd Reagan and my cat, Sox, is up. It’s very quiet. I allow myself 15 minutes to play on the internet. Once those 15 minutes are up, I pull up my novel and don’t stop until I hit 1,000 words. That is my daily goal. 1,000 words. Sometimes it takes me an hour. Most days, it takes me about 45 minutes.

After I’ve reached the 1,000 words, I update my website before waking my daughter for school. Once I’ve returned from taking her to school, my sons and I go for a run and do pushups, situps and stretching. Then it’s shower time and I take them to school.

By 9:00, I’ve written 1,000 words, updated my website, fed three children breakfast, made lunches, ran and exercised, taken a shower and dropped off the kids at school. I’m also relearning algebra, geometry and physics, as well as teaching myself to draw. Most of it is done before noon.

Prior to adopting this schedule, there were days I didn’t get a run in, or didn’t write, or both. Now, at 9:00, if nothing else gets done that day, I have already accomplished a lot.

Try this one thing and see what you can accomplish!

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