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Why Is There An Obesity Epidemic In America?


Why is there an obesity epidemic in America?

I’ll tell you why, because we eat too much! Not only that, but we eat too much of the wrong things!

I remember growing up eating out at a restaurant was for special events. McDonalds? That was maybe a once a month treat, or more than likely a once every other month treat.

It wasn’t that we were poor, it’s just that we ate almost all of our meals at home. If we wanted lunch, we didn’t jump in the car and drive to the nearest Wendy’s (or Burger King, Chik Fi La, In-and-Out, Five Guys, Jersey Mike’s, Hardee’s, KFC, etc.). No! We went to the pantry or the refrigerator and made something from what was available.


I had cereal and milk for breakfast most mornings. On Saturday’s, we’d have pancakes or eggs and bacon. Dinner was all homemade. The bread and rolls were made from scratch, the cakes and pies too. The meal was prepared entirely from ingredients and they were fresh. None of our meals came from packages.

Today, most of the grocery store is filled with packaged stuff.

We want our pizza’s premade and frozen. Our dinners already to go and we just add the meat. Even our vegetables are pre-seasoned and put in cans or frozen for our convenience.


And preservatives are everywhere! You know why? So they can have a longer shelf life.

Check out this funny video about … BUTTER! Two words my friends …. Cream + Salt … Butter!

Why not try some fresh fruits and vegetables for a change?

Buy your food from Farmer’s markets and make things from scratch!


There is an obesity epidemic in America because we have grown lazy. We don’t move. We would rather pop something in the microwave and sit on the couch with our remote controls, or in front of a computer screen playing on Facebook, than go for a walk outside.

I have that problem in my own house. I like to take our dogs for several short walks during the day. You know what? Four 15 minute walks add up to an hour of walking! Isn’t that amazing! Guess how many times anyone in my family wants to go out with me? My two boys will go out. My daughter does a lot of walking at college with her dog, Zelda, so she get’s plenty of walking in most days. However, my husband rarely wants to get up and go for a short walk. Not even for 15 minutes.


And that, my friends is what is going on in most of America.

Stop eating out so much. Make your food at home. Get a dog and take it for a walk a few times a day.

Think about what you are putting in your mouth and ask yourself, is this something that’s going to support my health, or is it something that’s going to harm my health.

Choose wisely!

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