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Live Your Life Like An Olympian

Work hard and sacrifice to reach your goals

It takes a lot of sacrifice and hard work to become an Olympic athlete.

If you’re like almost everyone else on Planet Earth, you’re catching the Olympics in Rio this week and cheering for your favorites, who are probably from your home country.

Over the years as we watch these elite athletes compete for gold, we get to know them through their life stories. They are our family, our neighbors and our friends.

The Olympics inspire us to dream and become more than what we currently are. How many children are sitting at home watching these games and will decide this week to become better than Michael Phelps one day?

And that is awesome.

Not just for kids, but for all of us. Taking time to dream and set goals and improve yourself is always a good thing.

However, a good thing for all of us to remember is this: Gold medals don’t just happen.

The reality of any worthwhile goal is that you won’t wake up a month after you get started and be at the top. For instance, you’re not going to start a running program like the Couch to 5k program and run a marathon next week. You won’t take your first swimming lesson on Thursday and have Michael Phelps giving you the death stare in competition next Tuesday.

Big goals often take years and sometimes even decades to be realized. Years of practice. Years of failure. Years of learning. Years of making purposeful decisions to get better and reach your goal.

I’ve blogged before about the book “Outliers” and the “10,000 hour rule.” Basically it’s the belief that becoming successful at anything requires practicing that specific thing for 10,000 hours.

I can guarantee you if you look at any of the world’s top athletes who are winning gold at the Olympics, you’ll find most of them have adhered to this rule. Sacrifices were made, sometimes at the cost of going into debt, missing out on a high school social life and moving thousands of miles away from friends and extended family.

What Are You Willing To Sacrifice?

All dreams require some degree of sacrifice. Whether it’s time, money, travel or a combination of things. Some people have sacrificed their families to meet a goal (I don’t recommend this). What good is success if you’re all alone and have no one to enjoy it with?

The point is, be smart about what you’re sacrificing. If you tell your family you can’t spend time taking an hour walk with them because you’ve got to work, then spend 3 hours watching an NFL football game, something’s wrong with you. Set your priorities and make a schedule around what’s really important.

Success Come Easy

Being successful requires sacrifice and hard work. Taking action on your goals is the biggest step towards realizing them. You can plan all day long. You can visualize all day long. But if you don’t actually do the work, you’ll never be successful. You’re going to have to get up earlier. You’re going to have to work harder. You’re going to have to do the things other people are not willing to do, so you can achieve the success most will never have.

That’s just a fact, Jack!

Here’s the cold hard truth about life: If you want to achieve your dreams, really think about what kind of sacrifices your’re going to have to make and know that it will be work. A lot of work. However, in the end, the experience of becoming everything you’ve dreamed of, will be worth it.

Have a blessed day.

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