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Be Kind … Always!


Except for my pre-scheduled social media posts last week, I have been absent from my website and social media for almost a week. The reason is personal, so I will not go into here. It is not entirely my story to tell.

However, I wanted anyone who may read this blog or who follows me on my social media pages to spread the word to be kind to your fellow human beings. Always.

Being kind to one another costs nothing and it could mean the world to the other person.

Give someone your smile. Share your blessings. Do a kindness.

Do as Jesus commanded and “Love one another as I have loved you.”

I am one of those people who believe where you focus your attention is where the energy will flow. Jack Canfield mentioned that Mother Teresa refused to attend any “anti-war” rallies, replying that when someone had a “pro-peace” rally, to let her know and she would be more than happy to attend.

Instead of anti-bullying campaigns, why not have a Be Kind campaign?

We should encourage people to be kind to one another. To love one another. To help one another.

Have a wonderful and blessed day everyone. Remember to Be Kind … Always.

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