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Juicing vs. Smoothies: Which is better?


Do you juice?

I have a juicer. One that was packed away for a long time. After watching “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” a couple of weeks ago, I dug that sucker out of the moving box and sat it on the counter.

When I first started juicing, I was saving my money to buy one of those really expensive ones. I mentioned this to my hair stylist who is very healthy and he advised me to go to Target and get a Jack LaLanne Juicer.

His reasoning for this advice? He had bought one of those really expensive juicers and it was so much trouble to clean it and remove all the parts, he never used it. Someone suggested to him that he should by a LaLanne Juicer for $99. He did and never looked back. He told me he kept the juicer on the counter and used it every day. The really expensive one was sitting up in a cabinet and is never taken down.

So I drove to Target and bought a Jack LaLanne juicer. He was right. It was $99. It’s easy and it works great!

I used to juice often, but then I was reading a book by Jackie Warner and watching her show and she said something along the line of, “Blend don’t juice!” Her reasoning was you were missing out on all that fiber when you juice and the fiber was good for you and helped to keep you feeling full.

So I stopped juicing and started blending.

Instead of jamming carrots and spinach through my juicer, I was throwing them into the blender and liquifying them with some added coconut water.

I was happy with it.

Then, I took a part-time job at a locally owned health food store. They had a cafe in the back of the store that was run by an amazing man named Michael. Michael had been a vegetarian nearly his entire life and had owned several successful vegetarian restaurants.

The cafe offered both juices and smoothies, so one day I asked Michael, “What’s the difference between juicing and having a smoothie? Is one better for you than the other?”

Here’s what Michael told me.

Juicing is like getting an intravenous shot of all the nutrients in the plant. It is absorbed more quickly into the blood stream.

Smoothies fill you up because of the fiber and it is a slower process of nutrients being absorbed into the body. Because it’s a slower process, some of the nutrients you would get from juicing are lost.

According to Michael, it would be good to both juice and have smoothies. So now, I do both.

Regardless of which method you choose, and even if you do both like I am, make sure you choose only organic produce for your juices and smoothies. You don’t want to be giving your body a “shot” of chemicals with your juice!

If you’re not quite ready to start juicing for yourself, but would like to have a ready-made one at your fingertips, Food Babe did a great article on which grocery store juices were the best and why. You can read that HERE.

Need help finding a good juicing recipe? You can find that here.

Of course, I love to add a few drops of my favorite Young Living essential oil to my juice or smoothie. Usually it’s something citrus like Lemon, Lime or Orange.

I hope you have a great day and don’t forget to have your juice and/or a smoothie today!

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