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Jane Seymour Shares Longevity Secrets


I have been a fan of actress Jane Seymour for as long as I can remember. Probably my first introduction to her was via the James Bond movie, “Live and Let Die.” I admired her so much, I bought her lifestyle book, “Jane Seymour’s Guide to Romantic Living.”

Do you know how she chose her “stage name?” When she started out as an actress, she needed a name change from Joyce Frankenberg. She chose the name Jane Seymour after King Henry VIII’s third wife. I remember in an interview she gave years ago, she said the name would sound familiar to people and they would think they remembered her from a certain role because of the name. The did not immediately associate it with the infamous king’s beloved wife.

She is now 63 years old and still looks as fabulous as ever. She is lithe, beautiful and glowing.

So, what are her secrets? She sat down for an interview with Fox News contributor Dr. Manny Alvarez and this is what she said:

“I do everything in moderation,” she said. “I work out at least three times a week, I do a combination of light weights, Pilates and gyrotonics. So I’ve always got every part of my body working.”

In addition to avoiding cigarettes and limiting caffeine, Seymour likes to keep her diet simple.

“I eat organic fruits and vegetables, we have our own chickens and eggs, I cook a lot of times I like very clean kind of food, but I’m not obsessed with it,” she said. “I’m not a big dessert lover, but I always have a piece of dark chocolate at the end of the day. And I love wine but I don’t have too much of it. “

I think that is wonderful advice. Advice we can all follow. Eat organic real food. Exercise in moderation. Give back.

Ms. Seymour has started an organization to recognize those who give back and it’s called the Open Hearts Foundation.

As if there weren’t enough reasons to love Jane Seymour, now I have even more.

Have a blessed day!

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