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I have long held the idea that each individual’s happiness lies within his or her own hands. No matter the circumstances you may find yourself, you can choose to count your blessings and be happy.

In other words, happiness is a choice.

My mother was a happy person. Despite the fact that she contracted polio at age 8 and lost the use of both her legs and her beloved father passing away soon after, she always remained positive and happy. She could have chosen to be miserable and unhappy. She could have chosen to bemoan her circumstances and held self-pity parties every day. Instead, she chose to keep a smile on her face. She chose to rise above her circumstances and get an education. She chose to work hard and be kind. As a result, she had many, many friends. So many that when she died in 2001, the large church could barely contain the people in attendance.

My mother is just one example. Here is another. There is a woman who shops at the same health food store I do. I have encountered this woman 3 times in the last year and each time I have seen her, she carries an air of bitterness. Her shoulders are rounded downward, she scowls at everyone and no matter what the people around her try and do to accommodate her, she is angry. I imagine she lives a pretty miserable life.

By contrast, there is another woman (she told her her age is 88) who is always happy. Whenever I find myself in the store at the same time she is, I smile. There mere sight of her makes me happy, mostly because she’s always smiling and happy. She has a smile for everyone. She is tiny, but her body is straight. A smile is always on her face. She always friendly and grateful to everyone she encounters.

I aspire to be a person like my mother and this woman as I age.

I found this video on YouTube for a Ted Talk by Sam Berns. His story is quite inspiring as well and I hope his guidelines for finding happiness will help you.

Have a blessed and happy day!

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  1. I read a quote today on my positive Thinking ” app about having a good sense of Humor & how attractive it is etc… I can’t remember all of it! 🙁 ;'( But,I REALLY REALLY want to share it with my husband!!! It is his sense of humor that helps us get through tough times!! I can’t find that quite anywhere!! I just want to take this opportunity to share that quite w/ him.Because, it says perfectly just how I feel and what I want to say!! Can you PLEASE HELP ME!! I read it at abt 10:30 am on- 4/16/2014!! THANK YOU! (e mail) or phone -(593)875-1383!
    Please reply ASAP??!!! 🙂 🙂

  2. sherry

    Sorry! I looked back over my tweets and couldn’t figure out exactly the one you were talking about! I hope you find it!!

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