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I drove the Jeep this morning!

A few weeks ago, I blogged about my husband teaching me how to drive a stick shift on his Jeep Wrangler. I was a nervous wreck.

Well, I’ve had sporadic lessons since then, culminating with a lesson over the weekend where I drove us home without a hitch.

This morning, hubby had to take my Suburban, as he’s picking something up later this afternoon and needs the crago area of the SUV, which left me with the Jeep Wrangler to drive my daughter to school this morning. She was so afraid to ride with me, she said she wanted to walk to school.

However, I did okay and only derped twice where the engine stalled. Somehow, by the grace of God (and yes, I prayed He would help me get her to school and back safely), I managed to drive the Jeep without crashing it, stripping the gears, or otherwise causing mayhem.

Now I just have to fight for the right to drive it when my husband’s home!

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