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How to Stop Dreaming and Start Doing


Are you one of those people who are all talk and no action? Would you like to stop dreaming and start doing?

We probably are all guilty of this in one capacity or another. We talk about eating healthy, then are too tired to make dinner at the end of the day and that fast food restaurant or pizza delivery option is just too good to pass up. Or, we decide we’re going to start exercising and keep putting it off until tomorrow, only tomorrow never comes.

There are many people to spend more time talking about what they’re going to do, instead of actually doing. Or they spend more time dreaming and planning, instead of just jumping in a doing.

I have been guilty of that on so many levels.

Not anymore. Because the people who do that, never get anywhere.

The Bible tells us, “A dream comes through much activity, and a fool’s voice is known by his many words.” (Ecclesiastes 5:3).

A dream will not come true when more time is spent talking about it, then praying and working toward achieving it.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Well, that same goal and plan are worthless unless you take action on them.

Action is key to achievement. I can sit and watch “How to Surf” videos, buy a surfboard and visualize surfing all day long, but until I grab a board and head out into the ocean, I’ll never learn to surf.

This is true for anything we want to do or achieve.

It is not enough to dream. It is not enough to plan. It is not enough to just pray. We must ACT.

You know, it’s a funny thing about taking action. Once you actually start, it’s not nearly as scary as it seemed when you sat on your couch and planned.

The more you do, the more you want to do.

Need some tips to get past dreaming and planning? Here are a few:

1. Small Action Steps – After deciding on your “big goal,” make a plan of small action steps you can do every day to help you get there. Then do them! Brian Tracy has a great quote my husband and I say to one another, “What one thing, if you did it today, could help you reach your goals?”

2. Limit Your Planning – Straightening your desk and getting organized to take action is not anywhere near as important as actually taking action. Set aside a specific amount of time for the planning and getting ready, then execute the plan. That takes action!

3. Get moving – It’s just the law of physics (I’m horrible at science, but even I can grasp this concept). An object in motion tends to stay in motion and an object that is stationary, tends to stay stationary. Mark Burnett, Richard Branson and even Nike all have the same advice, “Jump In, Even If You Don’t Know How to Swim,” “Screw It, Just Do It” and “Just Do It.” Take their advice. Don’t let planning and fear get in your way.

There you have it. Three things you can do to stop procrastinating and start doing. I promise you, you won’t regret it. Amazing things are about to happen, you just need to stop dreaming and start doing!

I often hashtag two words at the end of my Twitter and Facebook posts, they are #DreamBIG and #TakeACTION.

It’s great advice. Take it!

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