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How to Face Your Fears and Win!


Scary stuff was going on at my house yesterday.

My daughter started college, which was nerve-wracking enough, but she doesn’t have her own car yet, which means she took mine. It’s an automatic, which is all either of us ever drives.

This left me with my husband’s “toy.” The old Jeep Wrangler. The one with the stick shift.

A couple of years ago, my husband tried to teach me how to drive the Jeep’s stick shift “just in case.” That was in an old school parking lot that was so small I never needed or could get anything over 1st gear.

I had one lesson and never tried it again. It was very intimidating and I had my big old Suburban at the time, so I figured I really didn’t need to learn how to drive that old Jeep.

We are a busy family and I think I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that my daughter would be taking my car to and from college (she’s commuting) on the days she has classes. It wasn’t until the last week I realized that day was upon us and I had no idea how to drive the Wrangler.

Uh oh.

I had 2 days of driving lessons. TWO. And they were short. Very, very short.

I think my husband really didn’t want me to drive his “toy.” I think he likes to keep it for his own enjoyment. Too bad, because our sons don’t like to ride the bus, which means I had to pick them up from school yesterday.

I prayed a lot yesterday. I pray every day, but yesterday, I prayed all day. I prayed for my daughter’s safety and that she would enjoy college. I prayed she would get the boys to school okay since she was taking them to school on her way. I prayed she would get home safely. And I prayed God would help me drive that Jeep!

Before heading out the door, I put some Young Living Frankincense on my chest (it reminds me of church and helps me). I put Peace & Calming and Stress Away on my neck, shoulders and wrists and Valor on my spine. I said another prayer and got behind the wheel.

I managed to get to the school fine, but then it happened. A mom who was several cars in front of me pulled away, which means the rest of us had to start our engines and pull up another 10 feet. Now, when you’re driving an automatic you just turn on your engine, creep up a few feet, put it in park and you’re done.

The Jeep was a whole different matter. I stuttered. I stalled. I lurched. But after 3 tries, I finally moved forward 10 feet. Another mom a few cars behind me got out and said, “What’s going on?”

I told her it was only my 3rd time driving a stick and I was learning. She laughed and offered encouragement and I found out she just recently moved to the area. We exchanged cards and I now have a new friend!

The boys got out of school and we made it home just fine. I will be taking the Jeep to pick them up again tomorrow, this time, with a little more confidence.

And that’s the thing about facing something you’re afraid of. The more you do it, the less power it holds over you.

Keep this in mind whether your fear is talking to someone new, trying to learn something new or just going through life. New things can be scary, but the more you make yourself do them, the less frightening those things become.

Make it a great day!

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