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How the Trans-Pacific Partnership Affects YOU!


I try and stay out of politics. It’s ALWAYS negative, I don’t care which side of the aisle you’re sitting on, one side always has something negative to say about the other. They are always fighting and dirty with one another. And quite frankly, I think both political parties are just two sides of the same coin.

We still have people in Congress who have been there for DECADES. Serving your country in Congress was never meant to be a life-long career. You were to serve and then go back home and pick up your life again. Now we have people who have spent decades as Congressmen and Senators. People who went to Washington as middle-class Americans and are now multi-millionaires.

How does that happen? Oh wait … we’re not supposed to ask that!

Anyway, back to the TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership. If you’re into holistic and alternative ways to take care of your health and wellness, this agreement might just throw all of us under the bus.

Why? Because apparently Big Pharma gets a lot of help from this agreement.

From Politico:

POLITICO has obtained a draft copy of TPP’s intellectual property chapter as it stood on May 11, at the start of the latest negotiating round in Guam. While U.S. trade officials would not confirm the authenticity of the document, they downplayed its importance, emphasizing that the terms of the deal are likely to change significantly as the talks enter their final stages. Those terms are still secret, but the public will get to see them once the twelve TPP nations reach a final agreement and President Obama seeks congressional approval.

Still, the draft chapter will provide ammunition for critics who have warned that TPP’s protections for pharmaceutical companies could dump trillions of dollars of additional health care costs on patients, businesses and governments around the Pacific Rim. The highly technical 90-page document, cluttered with objections from other TPP nations, shows that U.S. negotiators have fought aggressively and, at least until Guam, successfully on behalf of Big Pharma.

The draft text includes provisions that could make it extremely tough for generics to challenge brand-name pharmaceuticals abroad. Those provisions could also help block copycats from selling cheaper versions of the expensive cutting-edge drugs known as “biologics” inside the U.S., restricting treatment for American patients while jacking up Medicare and Medicaid costs for American taxpayers.
“There’s very little distance between what Pharma wants and what the U.S. is demanding,” said Rohat Malpini, director of policy for Doctors Without Borders.

If you think this is going to stop at generic drugs, think again. Big Pharma has very powerful lobbyists in DC who work aggressively at furthering the interests of their employers.

If you are all about health and wellness, if you look toward natural alternative solutions for your health needs, this should open your eyes at just how cozy Big Pharma and those in Washington are.

Check out this graph a friend posted on Facebook. While I have nothing against capitalism, when you see the salaries of the CEOs of these pharmaceutical companies and know that there are thousands and thousands of employees also working for them, including lobbyists in DC, do you believe they really have your best interest at heart?


Follow the money, my friends, follow the money …

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