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Hot Wings and the Benefits of Blue Cheese

I have never been a blue cheese fan; however, like Brussell Sprouts, that has changed.

Over the weekend, I decided I would make Hot Wings and BBQ ribs for the family to enjoy while watching the Super Bowl. I usually have ranch dressing when I indulge in hot wings (which is rarely), but once and a while, I will have blue cheese dressing.

I was craving it yesterday, so asked hubby to run to the store after our day trip to D.C. and grab me some. He brought back some delicious Amish blue cheese. It was yummylicious!

Anyway, somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I remember hearing that blue cheese is good for you. This morning I decided to check it out and surprisingly, blue cheese is supposed to be good for your heart!

From DNA India:

Roquefort cheese or blue cheese, conspicuous by its mould and blue-green veins, has anti-inflammatory properties which could ward off heart diseases, says a new finding.

The cheese, which is aged in caves of Southern France, could perhaps explain why the French enjoy good health despite a diet high in saturated fat, a situation dubbed the French Paradox.

A process that occurs as the cheese ripens is good for a healthy gut, helps slow arthritis, and can slow the signs of ageing, such as cellulite, according to Cambridge-based biotech company Lycotec.

Researchers led by Ivan Petyaev and Yuriy Bashmakov, found that the properties of the blue cheese worked best in acidic environments, such as the lining of the stomach, the Daily Mail reports.

It suggested regular consumption by the French of Roquefort, Camembert and other moulded fermented cheeses could be one of the reasons the nation has the lowest rate of cardiovascular mortality in the developed world.

So for you blue cheese enthusiasts out there, have at it! It could be good for your heart!

As for the hot wing recipe, I separated each wing into two pieces, then soaked them in brine all day while we were in DC (salt, pepper, water). I took them out, patted them dry, then fried them in peanut oil for about 9 to 10 minutes until golden brown. In a separate pot, I melted a stick of butter, a 12 oz. bottle of Frank’s hot sauce, a tablespoon of Worscestershire and about 10 dashes of Tabasco sauce.

After draining the chicken on paper towels, I put them in a large rectangular casserole and poured the sauce over them. I mixed them until they were completely coated and baked in a 350 degree oven for 15 minutes.

They were as good as any I’ve had at a restaurant (even my daughter said so!). Not healthy, but the Super Bowl is one of those days I don’t worry about what I’m eating. At least the blue cheese dressing I made was good for me … at least that’s what I’m telling myself!


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