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Here’s To Strong Women!

Here's to Strong Women

This morning as I was making my Daily Vitamin for the Soul meme, I found the above quote. It really spoke to me, especially since we are in the middle of one of the worst Presidential election cycles I have ever witnessed.

I try and steer clear of political debates. My husband lives for these times as he love politics.  I prefer to stay away from the ugly nature of that game.

However, this election has gone places no other election has gone before and I feel as though women are being attacked.

Several weeks ago, Donald Trump was caught on a hot mic being lewd and disgusting as he spoke with the entertainment host for Access Hollywood Billy Bush. He bragged about kissing women against their will, sexually assaulting them and getting away with it because of his celebrity status.

That, in and of itself was shocking. However, what shocked me more was the reaction of his campaign and his supporters.

“It’s just locker room talk” and “All men talk like that about women” was filling my news feed on Facebook.  And it wasn’t just men who were defending this, but his female supporters as well.

And while those comments were bad enough, when women started to come forward and say, “Yes! He did this to me! He kissed me against my will! He sexually assaulted me!” the comments took a turn for the worse.

Words like slut, cunt, whore, bitch and others were thrown around about these women who had the courage to speak up, sometimes after holding in their accounts of the assaults for decades out of fear.

In debating one woman regarding this, she claimed that he was a wealthy man and these women enjoyed his assaults.


I know of no woman who enjoys being sexually assaulted.  That’s why it’s a crime.

Unless you’re Donald Trump, rich and famous. Then, apparently, “you can do anything.”

The attack was not just on the victims of Trump’s alleged assaults. They extended to anyone who didn’t kneel and kiss the ring of Trump.

Megyn Kelly has been in the crosshairs of Trump’s supporters ever since the primaries, because she dared to bring up his misogynistic treatment of women over the years at a debate.

Here is just a sample of one of the quotes I saw regarding Kelly:

“Megyn you ignorant slut! Go somewhere else like CNN that suits your personality and rudeness so well. Bitch!”

Since then, any woman who does not support Trump is labeled a “feminazi” and is fair game.

One of the worst things I’ve seen is when a report came out that said if just women were to be voting this election, then Hillary would win in a landslide.  Immediately the tweets starting saying, “Repeal the 19th Amendment!”

One woman even said she’d be willing to repeal the 19th Amendment and give up her right to vote if it meant Trump would be elected.

I’m not joking!

I used to be a Republican. I left them 10 years ago when I realized there was no difference between the two political parties. No matter who’s in charge, DC keeps rolling along working for the lobbyists and corporations.

What really cemented my defection from the party was men like Trump and others like him. I can’t identify with people like that. What the Republicans have shown me this election is that they really are the party of misogynistic, old white dudes.

That’s not a party I want to be a part of.

I am a strong woman who comes from a long line of strong women. I have a daughter and am hopefully raising her to be a strong woman.

I have zero interest in telling her I support a party who thinks speaking about women in vulgar terms is normal. I have zero interest in supporting a party filled with men who believe a woman who get’s pregnant when she’s raped, really enjoyed it because she couldn’t get pregnant if she was raped. I have zero interest in supporting a party who doesn’t believe kissing and grabbing a woman’s genitals against her will is not a crime.

Women are worth more than that. My daughter is worth more than that. I am worth more than that.

Stand up for yourselves. Stand up for other women. Be strong!

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