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How To Find More Hours In Your Day

How To Add More Hours To Your Day

Getting up earlier can add as much as 3 hours to your day! That’s 21 hours a week!

Want to know how to find more hours in your day?

Get up earlier!

No, seriously. Get up earlier. I’ll confess, since my kids have been out of school for the summer, I’ve been a slacker, relishing the ability to stay in bed and not have to get up and rush around to get them to school on time. No lunches to pack, no homework to check and permission slips to sign. It’s been easy, peasy lemon squeezy in the Phillips household this summer.

A few weeks into summer I started realizing I wasn’t getting hardly anything done. No writing. No working on my wellness business. I even fell behind on my Doctor of Naturopathy classes.

It was like when my kids got their summer break, I thought I should be on summer break too!

Unfortunately, stuff doesn’t get done when you take breaks.

I’ll admit I have been overwhelmed with everything I decided to take on in order to “live my dreams.” I started thinking it was because I was just taking on too many projects and trying to make sure the kids were having fun.

That wasn’t it. I was just lazy. I was spending too much time reading Facebook, or celebrity gossip sites (don’t judge) and enjoying my 9:00 am coffee. I was staying up later and getting up later.

Unfortunately for me, if I don’t get stuff done before 2 o’clock, my body starts to wind down.

So, what’s the solution? Get up earlier. It’s the only thing that makes sense. I saw a video from one of the top leaders in the company I am building my business with say even though she no longer works in a office, she makes it a habit to get up and take a shower every morning, put her make-up on, fixes her hair and gets dressed as though she’s going to go to work.

She said she gets a lot more done that way and she’s ready in case someone wants to call and meet up for lunch or coffee. She gets dressed for work.

I think that is the problem with many of us who are stay-at-home moms. We have no real set schedule (except for those of you who are new moms and/or have toddlers running around everywhere – those nap times are great – for both of you!).

The answer seems to be to get up early. Instead of rising at 8:00, think of how much you could get done between 5 and 8:00. That’s three hours added to every single day. What could you accomplish with an extra 21 hours a week?

Think about it.

21 hours to work out. 21 hours to write. 21 hours to get stuff done!

The first few weeks may be a little rough if you’re not a morning person. Hang in there!

Do me a favor and try this technique for 3 weeks straight (yes, including weekends!) and see how much you can accomplish. Be in bed by 9:30 and try to be asleep by 10.

If you’re serious about making a new life for yourself and reaching your goals, then you’ve got to act like it. Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do!

Get up, get active, take charge of the clock and get moving on those goals! Live your life with intention and purpose.

Have a blessed day.

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