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How to Effortlessly Lose Weight Now!


I bet that got your attention!

Everyone wants to lose weight. Heck, even skinny people I know want to lose weight. “That last 5 pounds,” they’ll say while pointing to an imagined bulge of fat.

Wouldn’t we all like to lose weight with little effort on our part?

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am a healthy living enthusiast. The book “Blue Zones” really got me started thinking about how I live my life. I found it very inspiring. You can pick up a copy here —>

Blue Zones Facebooked an article this morning which highlight the weight loss journey of an obese man who has lost 20 pounds in a year. How did he do it?

It wasn’t a diet! All he did was follow the Blue Zones’ recommendations of eating more fruits and vegetables (as in adding them to your daily diet) and he started walking regularly. No marathon running or 2 hours in the gym followed by a hard boiled egg and steamed broccoli dinner. Nope.

From the article at Scientific American:

Brian took his first steps towards healthier living in 2009, when the wellness organization Blue Zones initiated a pilot project in his home town of Albert Lea, Minnesota. As part of the program he took a life expectancy assessment, the results of which had him on the road to dying young–in his 50s. This wake up call got him walking every day and eating more vegetables. The walking group he joined also got him out into the community, interacting with people, and even resuming his involvement in the local theater. These simple things extended his estimated life expectancy by 20 years. He didn’t start a restrictive diet. He didn’t join his local gym’s extreme weight loss challenge. And that’s probably a good thing, because the weight-loss industry has yielded poor results.

I think this is a lifestyle anyone can do. Not only that, but I believe we would all be a lot happier too! I’m even rethinking my running in favor of walking. This morning it was so humid here that I actually did walk my run and thoroughly enjoyed myself in the process!

Would you be willing to take a walk and add 5 servings of fruits and vegetables to your daily diet if it gave you an added 20 years of life?

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  1. I just put away the chips after reading this post. I have a few pounds to lose but am not an avid dieter. It makes me feel restricted, so yes I think that I can add 5 servings to my diet of fruits and veggies to live longer and feel heathier.

    1. Good for you! I think this is something we can all do to live a longer, healthier life!

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