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Eating A Raw Diet for 3 Weeks!

I decided last week that the day after my daughter turns 16, I was going to jump in and go raw for three weeks.

In the past, I’ve been vegetarian, I have gone vegan for several months. However, after seeing a posting on Facebook, I wondered if I could really go all out and eat nothing but raw food for 3 weeks.

Today is that day!

I was going to wait until after Father’s Day and my husband’s birthday to do this. Then the ending date would push me past July 4th. While I try to eat a mostly vegetarian diet, sometimes, a girl just needs a great juicy hamburger and I wasn’t going to miss having one on July 4th! So I’m starting today.

I don’t do the vegetarian/vegan/raw thing to be thin. Just like I don’t run to be thin.

Of course, there is vanity in all of us and we all want to look nice in our clothes. The truth is I find I physically feel better when I eat a mostly plant-based diet. I also know that if I told myself I could never, ever have another hamburger for the rest of my life, I would cave.

So, most weeks I stick to a vegetarian/vegan diet Monday through Friday and will indulge my craving for something containing meat on a weekend. My longest vegetarian streak was 4 months.

I also try and avoid sugar, which I believe is the root of many health problems.

This morning, I am having a banana, which I usually do in the mornings before my run, then later I will make myself an Orange/Spinach/Coconut Water smoothie and a Kale/Apple/Cucumber/Coconut Water Smoothie in mid-afternoon. Lunch and Dinner will be some kind of salad and cold soup like gazpacho.

I found a great raw website:

Summer is a good time to go raw, because there are so many local fresh fruits and vegetables to enjoy.

I’ll let you know how things are going!

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